1 – Welcome!

You’ve found your way to Ink and Quill, a multifandom, multi-author fanfic collective.

What does that mean? Simply that unlike your typical fanfic archive, Ink and Quill is a collection of independent, personal fanfic sites, each belonging to an individual author who has total control over the look and content of their site. This gives us a personal touch that fanfic archives don’t have.

What will you find here? A better question might be: what won’t you find here? We have authors of all stripes who cover a variety of fandoms and genres. Gen, het, slash, AUs, crossovers, romance, angst, humour, canon and original characters, we have it all and more. Whatever your tastes, you’re sure to find something here that you’ll love.

So please, come on in and browse. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay!